Thursday, July 26, 2007

No more Xbox...for now!

Well Caleb and Audria got their new T.V. today, good news for them but bad news for us (Just kidding Caleb). Trisha and I bought Caleb and Audria's old T.V. last week, because they had ordered a new T.V. and it was time for us to upgrade to HD. So for the last week we have had Caleb's Xbox 360 over at our house, because they had no T.V. To say the least we have enjoyed it! I got spoiled to coming home after a long day of Chemistry and getting to take it out on my opponents on Xbox (hahaha). Since Caleb and Audria got their T.V. today we unfortunately had to give them back their toys. Although, Caleb found us a great deal on a used Xbox 360, so it should just be a matter of days until the stress releaser is back. We are off to Arkansas for my graduation this weekend. Kind of a hassle having to drive 6 hours their and 6 hours back just to walk across a stage and get a handshake, but it will make my mom happy. Hope all is well.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Long time no post

Hey guys, sorry it seems like the last couple weeks have been really crazy. We will try and get back to posting every couple days. Maddie is doing much better, her pads have completely healed and her surgery went great. She is almost back to normal, her stomach is still kind of sore but it doesn't bother her too much.

We played Pleasant Ridge Red (the old guys) tonight in our softball league. We beat them 15-11! It was our first game in almost a month. We have had two rain outs and then last week we had a bye, so we were worried going into tonight's game (especially since Caleb is on the DL with a broken finger) but we pulled out a victory. This was the first time that the young guys have beat the old guys in two years. It was fun getting back out and playing some ball. Hope everyone's summer has been going good, we will try and keep everyone updated a little better. See ya soon

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Maddie update

Hey guys thanks for all of the prayers for Maddie, we know she is just a dog but we feel like she is a member of our family. She is doing much better, her pads are healing and she is getting back to her normal self. The vet has cleared her to have her surgery tomorrow morning. He wanted to wait until her pads healed up a little more that way she doesn't get an infection because the hysterectomy is a pretty invasive surgery on a dog her size. We will keep you updated on how she is doing. Hope all is well.