Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Down Two to Go!!!

Hope everyone is doing good. Trisha and I are down to our last two weeks of school. We have had lots of projects and presentations but we are ready for the summer. In one of the Fashion classes Trisha is taking, they have been creating there own line of clothing. This has been a semester long project, which basically they have had to create and plan out there own design, make up patterns, and now put the clothes together. Trisha decided that she wanted her line to be evening dresses! For the non-fashion savvy like me, evening dresses are much harder to make than typical jeans and t-shirts, which is what most of the class decided to do. Trisha has been working really hard all semester to make these dresses look good. The other night she finished her first of three dresses. This picture was taken at 2:00 in the morning, after a long night of sewing. Let us know what you think.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Maddie turns one!!

It has been kind of a boring week, not much going on. Trisha has been in Atlanta at "Apparel Market" with her class. She had a good time and she got lots of great deals on clothes and jewelery. Since Trish was gone for four days I spent most of my time in the woods. It was opening weekend for spring Turkey, and it seems like I was out there for a couple days straight. I ended up not seeing anything...but most likely this was due to my long naps I was taking in the blind, what can you do? It was fun to just be in the outdoors. Maddie's first birthday was on the 15th! Mom wanted to see more pictures of her so here they are. Keep checking, hopefully I will have some pictures of a big "gobbler" on here soon. If you haven't seen our four-wheeling videos that Caleb made you need to go to his blog and check them out. I think he has a couple videos up, they look really good. (His web address is ) Hope all is well.

(8 weeks old, about 5 seconds later she was trying to rip the ducks head off! Such a good dog!)

(8 weeks old, retrieving)

(8 months, eating bones with Lilly at Christmas)

(8 months, wishing she was playing with the kids outside)
(10 months, Dreaming about killing ducks)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wonderful day of Trout Fishing on the Little Red River

I have discovered a new passion. Trout Fishing! Just one more to add to my great list of "hobbies". My good buddy Brumfield took me out this afternoon and introduced me to the sport. This was my first time to go "real" fishing, (dad said he took me when I was a kid, but I dont remember. I am gonna have to see some pictures to prove that.) I had always heard fishing took great patience and since everyone knows that word is not in my vocabulary, it seemed pointless. Although I was greatly surprised. We ended up doing really good, between the two of us we came home with 8 fish (7 rainbow trout & one pike). Seems like I had a little bit of beginners luck.

We were fishing on the Little Red River. They say it is one of the best kept trout fishing secrets in the South. The River is runoff from Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs. Just a few years ago the world record was caught on the Little Red (40 pound-4 ounce Trout). I thought it was pretty cool that I was fishing in the same spot that fish was taken. The water was really cold about mid 40's. Not as cold as the Lake in Montana, but still pretty cold. I think Audria and Trish still have goosebumps. It only took us two hours to catch our limit. Lot more action than I was expecting. Hopefully I can make some time for more fishing this weekend. Hope all is well.

(Me with my first catch of the day)

Some pretty good looking Trout.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Caleb & Audria's Visit

Caleb and Audria made it to town yesterday. We have been having a blast with them all weekend. We spent lots of time 4-wheeling and getting muddy. I think Caleb was going to put a little video together so we will have some actual footage here shortly. Just wanted to put some pictures up real quick to let you know how the weekend has been going. Hope all is well. P.S. In the last picture I was Caleb's trophy buck he had just killed. Kind of an inside joke. See ya soon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Here goes nothing!

Trisha and I decided that we wanted to try out this whole "blog" thing. Not real sure what we are doing but hopefully it will be a good way to keep in touch with all of our friends and family who are not familiar with facebook.

We have 6 weeks until Trisha graduates and we move back to Fort Worth. We have a "ton" of stuff due in our classes over the next couple weeks, but we can see the end in sight. Trisha is about to finish her first dress in her fashion line. She has four more dresses to go! I will try and figure out how to post some pictures with the blog that way I can show you how talented she is. It would be greatly appreciated if you threw some prayers of perseverance our way. We are in for some long nights.

On a better note, Audria and Caleb are coming to stay with us over the weekend. We cant wait to show them a good time up here in Arkansas. My goal is to try and convince Caleb that he needs a 4-wheeler that way I can have someone to play with when we move back to Fort Worth. Thanks for visiting our blog, we will try and get some more posts on here to catch everybody up with our lives. Leave a comment that way I know you stopped by.