Friday, May 2, 2008


Trisha and I had a blast in Arkansas. Got to see all of our old buddies. It was a couple days packed of fishing, golfing, four wheeling, and scary movies. We went fishing both days, and Trisha got to come out on the first day. It was her first fishing experience, I think she enjoyed herself. On the second day it was just the guys. Hands down the best fishing day ever. 75 degrees, sunny, wednesday afternoon so not that many people on the river. Easily caught 60 Trout by the end of the day. 60 fish in 3 hours!! CRAZY. Got some good pictures. Hope you enjoy!

The crew at the driving range.

Trisha feeling sorry for the Fish. We catch and release, but she still felt like the hook was hurting their mouths. What a typical GIRL!!

Russ with a nice looking Rainbow.

The rule is you take a picture if you catch the first fish of the day, the largest fish of the day, or the smallest fish of the day. Here is my picture with the smallest! :)

Brum with a nice Rainbow, beautiful colors, proably one of the older fish we caught that day.