Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sorry for the short post. Today marks the last day of Trimester 2. Thank God. I am taking my 8th and last final of the week in an hour and a half. Why am I writing a post and not studying? I don't know??? Trisha and I are headed to Montana for a nice 10 day vacation in the Mountains. Some of our really good friends are meeting us up there. Charlie (my best man), and Josh and Russ who were pledge brothers from Harding are all getting there late tonight. Should be a good time. We will make sure and take lots pictures. Thanks to everyone who has me on their prayer list, this trimester was an extremely hard one (64 exams in 16 weeks), and I could not have persevered if it weren't for you. Thank you.

P.S. My running buddies and I ran a 5-mile race last night. Official Time: 48min. 17 sec. Took second place in my weight division. Longer detailed post with pictures when we get back from Montana. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2008


For the past year or so Trisha has been talking about wanting to add a small dog to our family. She spent most of the year going back and forth between different breeds and after long thought she decided on a Yorkie. Me being the incredible husband that I am, realized that our 3 year wedding anniversary was coming up soon, and this would be the perfect time for a surprise puppy. My aunt owns a Petland in Montana and knows some really good breeders, so I made the phone call and got the process rolling. She found us a good dog, and since my Mom and sister were in Montana on vacation we put him on the plane home with them. Trisha called on her way home from work and I told her I had a surprise when she came home, put the puppy in her lap, and sure enough I am the front runner for husband of the year award.

Here are some pictures of Bear. He is a toy Yorkshire Terrier 13 weeks old, 2.4 pounds

Here is a video of Bear at David and Daina's house. First encounter with a Mirror. Dont make fun of my amateur Movie Making abilities. I think I might leave the movie making to Caleb.

Here are some videos of Maddie and Bear playing together. We were a little nervous about how Maddie would react to having a new puppy in the house but she has done great. She has been really patient with him and I actually think she likes having someone to play tug of war with.