Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Found the Truck

Well the truck turned up. My dad was heading to a meeting in downtown Fort Worth, when he saw my truck sitting on the side of the highway. As you can tell from the pictures it has been completely stripped of everything valuable. The police have it and they are doing a crime scene investigation on it to see if they find anything. Unfortunately the truck was completely dounced in gasoline to try and get rid of any fingerprints. The Police said this was the result of a "Chop Shop." Billy Rhodes(our insurance agent) seems to think that State Farm will just write it off as a complete loss, and give us the retail value of the truck. Which sucks for us because my truck wasnt just a regular 1998 silverado. It had tons of extras (rims, off-road tires, flowmaster exhaust, grill guard, nerf bars, etc.) that probably wont be covered by insurance. Here are some pictures. The first picture is of the truck before it was stolen.


(Side view, broken passenger window, old tires, nerf bars gone, chrome siding gone)

( Front view, no grill or grill guard, no license plate, no tow hooks)
(Up close image)
Inside the cab, no seats, console, anything, just stripped completely down to the carpet, stereo everything is gone, as you can see they had to use a lawn chair to drive it)
(Rear view, surprisingly enough they left the tail gate, but they ripped off everything including the chevrolet emblem, they even took off my stickers that I had on my bumper. You can also tell they tried to get the chrome bed rail off but I used super-powered sticky glue so that thing wasn't coming off. Idiots.)

(Here is the inside of the bed, obviously no four-wheeler, but here is what's left over from the inside of the cab.)

The weird part is they broke out the passenger window to get in the truck but then had a key to start the ignition, which they left on the floorboard after they dumped it. All of our keys are acounted for so we have know clue how they got an ignition key. Pray that the everything goes smoothly with State Farm Insurance that way I can give my mom her car back. I'm glad we found the truck but I was sure dissappointed when I saw the shape it was in. I will keep updating the blog if I findout any new info.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Prayer Request

Hey guys last night my truck was stolen from the Gold's Gym parking lot. I would really appreciate it if you could pray that the police find it dumped somewhere. I had just got back in town from deer hunting in Arkansas so my four-wheeler was still in the back. The police said that is what the thieves were after. I also had my cell phone, iPod, deer rifle, shotgun, backpack with about 600 dollars worth of textbooks, and I just put 70 dollars worth of gas in it. They said that the four-wheeler is gone, there is no chance of finding it. There is a 50/50 chance that they will either strip the truck of everything valuable and dump it somewhere or they could just burn it. I am really thankful that they only got material things. Luckily Maddie was not in the truck. She usually comes with me to go workout. I don't know what we would have done if we had lost her. It is amazing how quickly a pet becomes part of the family. Anyways, I know that Trisha and I will be okay, and in 10 years from now this will just be a speed bump in life, but right now it sure feels like we are climbing Mt. Everest. Thanks for the prayers. I will keep you updated if I get any new information.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hey guys hope everything is going good. Things have been so crazy the past couple weeks. Trisha has gotten really busy at work. Dillard's is trying to get ready for the Christmas season. I am in the middle of mid-terms and ready for this week to be over. I am heading back up to Arkansas this weekend to see some buddies. This is initiation week for our social club (fraternity). I have some pictures that I have been meaning to write blogs about but just have no time. So I will post them with a title so you know what is going on.

(Texas A&M vs. ULM)

(On The Border / Trisha's Birthday)

(Standing on a chair, shaking salt shakers, getting embarassed)

(Maddie snoozing on our road trip, dreaming about ducks!)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pumpkin Carving!!!

Trisha and I got to enjoy a great sunday afternoon eating KFC chicken, watching football, and carving pumpkins with family. One of those experiences you should definetly try if you have never got to stick your hand in a pumpkin and pull out seeds and slime. David and Daina had found these great templates with some really cool designs to stick on your pumpkin, so you could have something to follow while you are carving. We also had this cool dremmel tool that helped with carving, but if you got to going too fast it threw pumpkin guts everywhere (Christina learned the hard way.) Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pulling out the seeds
"This feels really weird"

Big smile

Finished product.

A wildcat and a haunted house.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Just got bored

If you havent already seen Caleb's blog from this weekend you need to go check it out.