Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays

Hey guys sorry things have been extremely busy around here. I will try and catch you up with everything that has happened over the past month. School is going 100 mph, and Trisha has been working hard so everyone will have an enjoyable shoping experience at Dillard's this holiday season. Although, Dillard's is at the top of her "hit list" right now because they are making everyone at Corporate go in and work the stores on Saturdays to help with the holiday rush. Luckily its only for 5 hours but still its supposed to be her weekend.

Here are some pictures of Brumfield's deer that never got posted from my last trip to Arkansas (10/25-10/28) Saw them on my camera when I was uploading pictures this weekend. Deperessing moment when I realized this was the last time the blue truck was photographed before it got stolen. Nice 8 point for Arkansas, kind of narrow rack but still a good deer. He shot it in his front yard with a muzzleloader. I had walked out of the front door to get something out of the truck, and there he was in the front yard. I yelled for someone to get a gun quick, and 5 seconds later he was on the ground. That's why you keep loaded guns around in Arkansas. Most of the time it is for coyotes but this time it was a nice deer. Dont mind his nasty dog "Peepers" she is licking up the deer's blood. Disgusting
The Gang
(Brumfield's fiance' Lydia "trying" to look tough, probably the only girl I know excited about taking a picture with a dead deer.)
Here are some pictures of my new truck I got last week. It is a 98 Dodge Ram. I bought it from my grandfather in Athens. I think in the end it will be more realistic for me because it gets about 20 mpg highway, which is where most of my miles come from. I was getting about 10 in my old truck.
Support Wetland Conservation every chance you get! Homes for Migratory birds are rapidly dissappearing which in essence means so are they. I want my grandkids to be able to enjoy mornings in a duck blind. There is nothing like it. Soon it will just be a memory.

Sorry for such a long post. I will try and be brief. Thanksgiving was nice. We enjoyed getting to see family. We really enjoyed decorating our house for Christmas. Our favorite time of the year. Here are some pictures of our christmas tree and other decorations.

Last but definetly not least. Texas A&M 38 - Texas 30 As my dad, the faithful Aggie would say "WHOOP" Hopefully Mike Sherman the new coach, can keep up the streak of beating Texas. A&M has won the past two years.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

As I was taking Trisha to work I got to see the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington for the first time. I have heard all kinds of hype the past few months about how big it was going to be but until you drive over there and actually see it in person you have no idea. Absolutely incredible. Here is some cool stuff I grabbed off ( The stadium is going to total 2.3 million square feet. The entire Statue of Liberty and its base could fit into the stadium with the roof closed. The stadium is also the world's largest column-free room. The American Airlines Center in Dallas could fit entirely into the new stadium at field level. The roof is supported by two 35-feet deep and 15-feet wide boxed arch trusses. Each truss spans 1,290 feet – nearly a quarter mile – making the roof the longest clear-span structure in the world. The arches are more than twice the length of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. I was really impressed. Trisha and I are already saving our money for tickets to the Super Bowl in 2011. Hopefully our home team will be playing. Go Cowboys!